Jul 23, 2009

FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR - Swedish Design concept

Fifth avenue shoe repair was founded in 2004 by Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter, and started as a very delicate experiment in knitwear and jersey showing only ladies styles. It has now evolved into a full ladies and men's brand.

In January 2009 the label received the "Designer of the Year" at the Swedish Elle Style Awards.

The label is inspired by an old shoemakers shop in London that has gone from generation to generation passing on knowledge in craftsmanship and traditions of this old profession.

The first moment I saw the pieces by FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR online, I was completely impressed by the structures, the textures, the shapes, the lines, the color contrasts on each single garment of the collection. They are not making fashion clothes but composing music on human body. I believe everyone in their clothes can feel the melody.

In 2008, FASR started an new couture inspired line that goes under the name "By the no". Pieces are individually measured and only sold upon order.In 1995, Hubert de Givenchy bade farewell to the profession with the last haute couture show. In 2002, Yves Saint Laurent stepped down from haute couture and closing the house he founded 40 years ago. This year, Chrisitan Lacroix is finally bankrupt. "Haute couture consists of secrets whispered from generation to generation," says Yves Saint Laurent. But the Swedes still have faith in fashion.


Currently, FASR runs 2 stores in Stockholm. In Helsinki, I have seen very few pieces in Helsinki Fashion Mecca Helsinki10 and Beamhill store. Once I visit Stockholm again, I won't miss FASR!

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