Jul 30, 2009

HUSSEIN CHALAYAN tote bag Design for Environmental awareness

Environment issue is one of the HOTTEST potato nowadays. The hottest rising designer HUSSEIN CHALAYAN is In support of the PPR HOME project by introducing a printed tote bag depicting endangered and extinct animals.

HOME is a non-profit making initiative with the sole objective to increase wider awareness and sense of responsibility towards the planet.

“The environment we are living in has been a leitmotiv theme throughout my career. It felt completely natural to join forces and create that tote bag for the HOME project. I wanted something with a very simple and obvious message that speaks to everyone.” Hussein Chalayan June 2009

As part of the HOME project, PPR released the HOME movie at the beginning of June. The movie can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com/homeproject

Profits from the sale of the bag will be donated to GoodPlanet, the association which works to protect the environment. The bag will be exclusively available NOW from www.thecorner.com.

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