Aug 28, 2009

ALLSAINTS A/W 2009 Campaign

ALLSAINTS has been my new British lover since I discovered the brand last year. The A/W collection of Allsaints is still classic, dark but more hippie style than riligious. The main color is blue: blue denim, navy blue jacket, pants and accessories. Drop croth pants and boots are still HOT in this season.


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Allan said...

Honestly this season's image is not what I expected. It sounds a bit American to me maybe because of their recent expansion to US. I always expect a more "British Rock" style from AllSaints, more unique and have their own personality. Not to forget I dont like the 2 models.
I have been shopping from AllSaints online since Nov 08 and so far the AW08 models are the best, very british.