Sep 13, 2009

"HUILI" sneaker -- a reborned brand, a memoriable time

I remember that when I was a kid, my dad has one pair of "HUILI" sneaker which I thought is extremely out of fashion, cheap and only popular among farmers. I believe that pair of "HUILI" still is in my never-throw-things-away dad's closet.

After all these years, every boy and girl born in 80s and 90s is proud of wearing an new pair of NIKE or adidas in the streets. "HUILI" is officially dead quietly and reasonably. Maybe I am still too young to talk about the old times. Well, actually,I have nothing really to memorize. I didn't experience any ups and downs in my childhood as my father's generation did back in the 60s and 70s. But I can image that how beautiful the old times could be when there is no Internet, no overwhelming commercial, no pressure for one single job, and no addiction to fashion.

"HUILI" is now rebranded as "Warrior", a very Chinese red name. A project named "reborn" opened by some Chinese design talents in 2008 aims to breed new life to old Chinese brands. I have never been a fan of any Chinese design. But these original stuff really impressed me and made me think -- that's what other fashion design never did to me.

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