Feb 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen RIP

I was so shocked and could not believe the sad news in the first place. Then I got the confirmed messages from the official website of Alexander McQueen. Since the first moment I have seen his masterpiece, I am obsessed by his wild animal inspired and outrageous design. I remember the first fashion designer piece I can afford and owned is one pair of Alexander McQueen for PUMA sneakers. Then, the first suitcase I bought for myself is the Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Black label bone suitcase. Alexander McQueen left the world. But his inspiration will never gone. RIP Alexander McQueen
Lee Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 - 11 February 2010) 

  Designer: Alexander McQueen, Photo:Nick Knight, Model: Devon Aoki (1997)

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